Cancel Your PicsArt Subscription

Hi guys, if you are a PicsArt creative user and now you want to cancel PicsArt subscription. As a PicsArt user, it’s like saying goodbye to your favorite app. Canceling a PicsArt subscription is a simple process, but it’s essential to follow the proper steps to ensure you’re not charged for another billing cycle. Below, I’ll go ahead and guide you through the process in a descriptive way.

🚢 Let’s set sail on this cancellation journey, So, imagine me as your trusty navigator and you will be able to stop the automatic deductions from your account each month.

Note, If you start using a trial period, you must cancel the subscription before it expires in 24 hours.

For Android (Google Play Store)

Step 1: Open the PicsArt App

Get your device, whether it’s your smartphone or tablet, and locate the PicsArt app icon.Tap in and open the PicsArt app.

Step 2: Access Your Profile

Tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner, there you’ll see a small person icon.

This is the gateway to your profile. Tap it and you will land on your picsart profile identity.

Step 3: Navigate to ‘Settings’

Now you are in your profile, tap on the “Settings” option and you’re ready for the next step.

Step 4: Find ‘Subscription’

Scroll down the settings menu and you’ll spot an option named ‘Subscription.’. Once you’ve found it, tap on ‘Subscription.’

Step 5: Manage Your Subscription

Now, you’re in your subscription management. You’ll see your current subscription details, which might include your subscription type and billing cycle. There should also be an option to ‘Cancel Subscription’ or ‘Manage Subscription.’ Tap it, and you’re almost there.

Step 6: Confirm and Verify Cancellation

PicsArt cares about its users, if you’re absolutely sure about cancelling. So, confirm your cancellation.

To ensure your cancellation once more. They want to be sure you’re ready to bid farewell to those premium features. Confirm your cancellation one final time.

Step 7: Receive Confirmation

Congratulations! You’ve successfully canceled your PicsArt subscription. You should receive a confirmation message on the screen, assuring you that your subscription won’t renew automatically.

Enjoy PicsArt Free (or explore other options)

You’re now back in the free PicsArt version, where you can continue to create, edit, and share your masterpieces without the premium features. If you ever decide to come back to PicsArt Gold, you can check out PicsArt Gold Apk. You can enjoy the premium features without any subscription cost.🎨 📸 ✨

Cancel PicsArt Subscription For iOS (App Store)

  • Open the “Settings” app on your iOS device.
  • Scroll down and tap on “iTunes & App Store.”
  • Tap on your Apple ID at the top of the screen, then select “View Apple ID.”
  • Authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID or your Apple ID Password if prompted.
  • Scroll down and tap on “Subscriptions.”
  • Find and tap on the PicsArt subscription.
  • Tap “Cancel PicsArt Subscription” and confirm your cancellation when prompted.

Cancellation For Web Version

Step 1: Visit the official website of PicsArt

Step 2: Click on “Login” Button at the top right corner.

Step 3: Put your PicsArt Account details and login.

Step 4: Once you logged in, select the “Settings” option from your Profile.

Step 5: From your account settings menu, choose the “Billing and Subscription” option.

Step 6: Now, Locate the “Unsubscribe” button and click on it to cancel PicsArt subscription.

I hope, With these simple steps, you will be able to cancel PicsArt subscription. Be sure to cancel your subscription before the next billing cycle to avoid being charged for the upcoming period. Additionally, it’s crucial to read the terms of service and refund policy when making any purchases within the PicsArt app to understand your rights and responsibilities as a user.


PicsArt often offers a free trial period for new users. The duration of the trial may vary, and it typically allows you to access all the premium features before deciding whether to subscribe.

Yes, you can cancel your PicsArt Gold subscription at any time. The cancellation process may vary depending on the platform you subscribed through (e.g., iOS, Android, or the PicsArt website).

If you cancel your subscription, you will continue to have access to PicsArt Gold features until the end of the current billing cycle. After that, you’ll revert to the free version of PicsArt with limited features unless you choose to resubscribe.

Yes, PicsArt typically offers different subscription plans, including monthly, annual, and sometimes even longer-term plans. These plans may have varying prices and benefits.